We Care & So Do Our Members

The USVA operates on one basic principle — service, our service never ends. Our members represent a diverse group of both active duty military and veterans throughout the United States. USVA members are bound together by a common commitment to service and a desire to create success and prosperity for our members.

Our Mission

The mission of the United States Veterans Association (USVA) is connect, celebrate and engage veterans and friends of the military to build lifelong relationships that support the progression of veterans in the community.

Our Vision

To become the prominent source for creating success and prosperity for veterans.

Our Strategy

The USVA is an independent, private, non-government, voluntary association of veteran professionals that will accomplish our mission with the following strategic initiatives:

- Highlighting and sharing veteran success
- Supporting veterans in the spirit of mutual benefit
- Offering networking, information, and personal contacts
- Being the trusted source of advice for veterans
- Increasing business relationships and partnerships between the corporate sector and veterans
- Developing national programs that assist the economic development of veterans

Join Us

Honor your military heritage and show your pride by joining the United States Veterans Association (USVA) an organization open to all veterans who honorably served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and current members of the U.S. Military.  The USVA provides a unique opportunity to belong to an organization that is dedicated to helping and serving our own 23 million veterans nationwide and over 10 million veterans in the workforce.

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